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    Words and music (c) Roger Hammer

    Floating, bobbing, tilting like a ship at sea
    It may be over soon but I won’t ask you to rescue me
    It’s best to be sailing were the view is wide, breeze is free
    And sometimes even where you are is just the place to be

    The old directions need somehow to be replaced
    Going six ways opposing at the same time
      Is a waste
    Not that every motion is a vain and useless form
    But no one needs the extra pushing
      In a storm

    Can you hear that sound?  Must be the breath of day
    Coming slow, coming from so very far away
    Want to hear it loud, try to make it stay
    Because you know my lady wouldn’t nave it any other way

    The eyes upon the waves of change are often blind
    Seen the same so often that there’s nothing new to find
    Like when it’s time for leaning to the other side
    By then there’s no way you can move
      And enjoy the ride