1.        Essential Magic
    2.        Simonsez
    3.        Hot Summer
    4.        Praised 1
    5.        Kristal
    6.        Celebration/Apocalypse
    7.        Maryaway
    8.        Undated
    9.        My Candle
    10.        Soaring Suite
    I.        Feather and Air Meet
    II.        Lifebreath
    III.       Praise


    Two may reclaim a love
    growing years far apart
    by starting a new fire
    on soil where they both stand

           I am alone
           we are alone
           we are selfish
           craving selfish sorrows
           with our singleness

           let the earth
           support the fire
           fire heat the air
           air condense to water
           water dissolve earth ashes

    If this be done nightly
    for thrice the period of love’s loss
    lonely souls be washed from the past
    another two live on as one


    Two men walk separate roads

    small pebbles cause feet to stumble
    conscience falls among the rocks;
    roadblock opened to traffic
    opens year’s greedy season
    travels alone

    without hurry, unblended by glitter
    only the inner light
    steers without stoplight;
    travels alone;
    two men walking separate roads

    will meet in time


    So your world is splitting at its
           hand-sewn seams
    Ripping under the strain of an arm’s
           reach to a hotter star

    Clasp broken at its seasonal hinge
           leaves a door blowing in the wind
    Piece of a new set of clothes
           to protect from biting cold
    Turning the other way

    Temporarily patch the growing tears
           and wait and wait
    Summer will be here soon
           its sun is all you need.


    For the mystic one who is there

    Puller along, pusher behind
    the center of the solar orb
    the center of all mind

    All that is common
    to each day’s array
    does wait to be praised

    If self, then self alone
    if god, then god always
    the end is life forever

    Forever is today


    Waterfall footfall
    where do you go?
    Not far away now
    never stay, only flow
    only changing as you grow.
    I always hear you
    running, laughing
    living just a little more
    for some moments
    then forget the time
    the days and ways
    of magic that can stay awhile
    magic see and spirit show.
    Waterfall footfall
    I am running where you go
    not far away now
    only stay, only flow
    only changing as you grow.


    Timber lane, of fever soil sprouted
    strip of tired history remains
    the product of a cooler age
    composed to collapse
    following fire
    tomorrow’s trees are gone
    and we trust no understanding
    of grace, a time that fulfills
    we quickly ignore the silence
    that only charcoal can speak.

    Breeze comes too slowly
    but just then too fast
    flames fill the air
    growing, gaining, filling up the land
    life and death now know each other
    drinking to success
    from cups too small to contain
    they spill and feed the flames
    flying up, off again to home.

    With the forest so easily lost
    fades the smile of the era
    until they meet their end together
    before sleeping eyes can wake and answer
    with a single tear
    another burial comes and goes
    in wooden silence
    dark and hidden lies the energy
    awaiting the word, the call
    waiting for only a spark.


    Too many days left alone


    trying to find a friendly face

    too sad to see

    grasping for what must now be

    without you


    If music is the noblest
           of all illusions

    thought is the most virtuous
           of the vices

    escape is the least
           necessary talent

    experience the most


    Under the lamp you’re so dim
    tiny flicker lost in the sea of light
    being blown this way and that, though unafraid
    to hold to life dearly, to continue your golden song

    Dark rooms are your allies
    in proud defiance of electric competitors
    the ancient image calls for all eyes
    determined that such an old way has its worth

    With no intruders of wave, no distractions
    this is the way you are best known
    with your spectral consciousness declaring
    the one true light