They call me feather

    Through dust and distance once now
    now forgotten
    we met in the air ways
    but have parted for so long

    I am back now you see
    and even if you have been another
    I am still he

    Once in a family
    brothers and I
    sisters and I
    one and all flying
    our joy of the moment
    one singular wing making its way
    through the laughing sky of air

    Each alone
    one together
    growing we did spend the day
    in star-eyed fury we built
    to soar, to glide on airy sea
    from one to many
    to all

    Our flying wing
    helped by hands of air
    silently began the morning
    beyond the light and open sky
    when sky became our sight

    Innocent in our high palace
    our place of changes world
    held to the clouds
    with friends and brothers
    nothing could go wrong

    So did the time pass
    the time that was not yet time
    in the day that never new night

    We have another age now
    where sides of days tarry and turn
    the sight above so surely comes
    and once again
    day’s end

    The day now is a dream
    just waiting nearby
    as we sit in the dark
    seeing our sky dome above

    All strength between us
    is sufficient for now
    for the first spark feeds a flame
    makes fire
    though we are, without each other
    too small

    Here as beggars and borrowers
    being and meeting
    we raise our voices to the air
    that its gift once given
    can grow
    until time shall stop
    all space is filled
    and no breath can we draw

    the day has to come
    and raising our wing to the sky
    we come together
    so amazing to me
    again feather is friend of the air


    Everything breathing
    firsthand, try it
    trade some of outside with inside
    that side just to see

    We touch as we breathe
    notice each moment
    a slow vibration
    a little give and take
    in time glimpses long enough to know

    The one is again felt
    where one embraces another

    So following natural example
    of worlds too small to see
    breath is
    a vow by airmother
    who will be around us
    her sea is our home

    A part of one becoming other
    thin membrane netherland crossed easily
    that sun’s kids once again may know
    might once again grow
    until creation’s promise is full

    Promising two ways
    each part of sharing means loss to one
    so another can receive

    Now the king becomes a servant
    along with all the little ones
    with humble pie
    with fat head sky
    riding on a spinning wheel
    on the wheel of infinite sides
    the sides of edgeless airsea

    bathing by breathing
    lost in liquid, almost easy
    once alone secrets soon discover
    that discovery is not so secret

    Some get
    some take away
    but from our wheel view
    who knows
    who is the more delighted
    the turkey or the guest

    The wonder of all is all for free
    by taking a turn on the wheel
    the wheel of endless


    who have flown
    who fall when we should soar
    who are less than the breath we are given

    Only grow scorched and burned within
    if we can no longer see with our eyes
    the sky
    our home

    Holding on to what we see
    the ruling of one over many
    shows a trick of blindness:
    the master cannot see himself
    yet so being
    flatters himself that no one sees him
    when in truth he really does not know

    So seeing nothing, what can be said?
    trickery seen is quickly spread
    crooked and torn vision
    what we have done is lost

    The remains of yesterday
    arrange the day to come
    we chose the ways that brought us here
    now we must take them
    as far as they may lead us
    if we fall
    we need not forever

    When we come back again
    we are new
    our path follows white sky
    coming back to the clouds

    Feather an wing alike are taken
    to the mountains of highest sky
    standing old
    over the sea we breathe in

    Now we hold the treasure
    final measure of our worth
    unbought by us
    as we leave the larger wing
    over our heads

    One, all, daughters and sons
    feast on the fortune of this house
    here live, grow, drink
    from the spring of the morning
    river of all delights

    River and fountain
    sky mountain
    light so fine
    is all we see

    We can only pray
    for those who do not know
    how to bring the light to their side
    and breath to their flight

    We would stay here
    knowing, growing
    together in our flying home
    safe from falling
    far from unfriendly lands
    safe in the hands of the wind

    We would stay here
    lost in the airsea
    wanting to fly forever
    and able.