1.        Becoming Electric
    2.        E.K. Ripley
    3.        Years
    4.        Dialog
    5.        The Call
    6.        In Transit
    7.        Step South
    8.        Airia
    9.        Inspiration
    10.        The Artist
    11.        Sun Psalm
    12.        Heisenberg Love


    How do I know I am not Robbies’ Robot?

    A simple answer any thinking thing could question.
    For every machine has its function
    Programmed, set, expected;
    Gears spend time as well
    But what have we to do?
    Invent a better life.
    Too imperfect for
    clock controlled
    factory made


    What was that question again, Robbie?


    E.K. Ripley
    country boy comes ridin
    hair all flyin back
    to try the city on for size
    and see a friend
    to score something smiley

    Brother Jack
    metro hunter
    Sunday drivin Chevy due he
    thought he’d try to see his brother
    and step out to the country
    to collect a little debitry

    Now country brother
    never too laid back
    always runnin into town
    he hopped the highway
    no more cycle
    the boy had plain wiped out

    Whilst flying through the lonesome air
    who should come but brother Jack
    to catch E.K.
    in his double barreled
    bucket seat

    Ripley now
    could stand a downer
    with this latest acrobatic
    so bread in hand
    he asked ol Jack
    to turn him on to some

    Who replies
    sure, I’ve got five here
    that ten spot that you’ve got
    looks right
    my brother’s never home it seems
    so I’ll take you for a ride

    And so it went
    though not like planned
    since E.K. Ripley lost his bike;
    he owed his life to brother Jack
    who wasn’t even brotherly
    but turned out just all right.


    Hopping back through the years

    yesterday’s nostalgia

    bops down streets and alleys

    Radios are accurately driven to ears by dj’s

    through speakers growing like locoweed

    Silently and unnoticed

    the pavement cracks

    from years


    I look at you

    and see a face of flesh as mine

    You are a runner of your race

    as I am of mine

    You are a child of parents

    with brothers and sisters like mine

    Do we not sing together

    and share the same joys?

    Would we not both feel pain

    if we lived without each other?

    I look at you

    and see a face of mine.


    Through city lights and stone streets
    I chase you.
    You run
                   with the winds
                   How can I catch up?
    I need you

    I make my way through the also rushing crowds
    to find someone
                   who has seen you
                   so many watch

    Someone called just now
                   I heard
                   you passed this way
    we’re both running now

    For a while I thought I’d find you
    but you hide in all the motion
                   soon I fall behind
                   stoplights turn on me

    Keep calling

    so no one else can hear.


    Plainclothes trolley fare

    face trembles, pale;

    wasted ride.

    How far can it be again

    for the last time,

    final ride?

    When will it be again

    a fine ride?


    Georgia backwoods
    pines sky
    between the tallest branches
    seems so good,
    too good not to share.

    “Shall I write a thousand,”
    think I,
    so all the home folks
    join me
    making my woods a country fair
    with room for everyone?”
    is all I’ll need to say.

    But I’ll never mail those letters.
    Smokey Mountains
    old smoke maker trails along behind me
    as I find a mailbox
    tapping me on the shoulder
    “It’s already too crowded here.”


    Sailing on a splash of blue
    brisk alongside like spring mornings
    you move me in ways
    I could never go alone.

    In the name of air we rush together
    no one can see us joined
    for all-in-one
    we turn around and dancing go

    Feeling closer every day
    closer by the time we spend
    enjoying the lift
    of cotton billowed wings

    Often take me gliding
    upon the waters at my feet
    and where next
    the changing wind alone will tell.


    Sometimes it seems

    the only time I can look to the sky

    is when I’m flat on my back.


    Pencil sky, write your sign,
    fading, shading, come and gone-
    you clear away, then cloud again
    and I wonder what the work has done.

    Above the earth, below as well
    commuting colors here to there-
    contradict but soon explain
    that really any change is fair.

    Bring the storm and thunder crash
    painting lightning on your face-
    then switch expressions, erase the rain
    putting a rainbow in its place.

    One day’s work, and time for rest
    you make the evening sunset glow-
    soon with morning in your eye
    you take the light and write once more.


    Sun center
    sun center
    you make all around me wake and glow
    you bring me all my life

    Sun center
    sun center
    you shine
    and new life begins
    you sing and the earth moves around you

    Sun center
    heart of love
    you pulse
    and the rhythm begins a year
    you reach out
    and all the seasons answer

    Sun center
    light of love
    you smile
    and the planets dance
    you laugh
    and a new star is born

    Sun center
    Sun center
    you wake up all around you
    you bring us
    all of life



    Being close makes it easy
    to miss the error

    takes it

    So listen!

    Keep out of my path or I’ll
    see you

    Be a mile above I
    won’t mind following

    Look to me
    you’ll miss me

    Be out of sight
    staying in mind

    So fine
    So right