Lady's Free
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    Lady's Free
    Words and music (c) Roger Hammer

    Now come on lady
    Tell me where you’ve been
    No one could foresee
    The day that you’d be claiming
    Your own, your own

    On your own lady
    It’s what you’ve waited for
    Will you find the way
    To make your living better
    Than before

       You know I’ll always love you
               You’ll never change what’s true
       Don’t make me hate your freedom
               I want it that way too
       You’re gonna have more troubles
               The old ones weren’t the worst
       My feelings I will give you
               I always trust them first

    On the line lady
    The battle line it seems
    Who you gonna blame
    Who you gonna fool
    With your schemes, your schemes

    So come on lady
    Brighten up my day
    Now I’ve seen the light
    It takes us both to make it
    Make it stay, stay