CRAZY / sad / SILLIOUS / mad

    1.        Looks
    2.        What’s It Worth
    3.        Piggy Mouse Day
    4.        Bears for Breakfast
    5.        Gummy Pie
    6.        Out Again
    7.        A New Day for the World
    8.        Father
    9.        H to Eau
    10.      The Puzzle


    If you smile me a smile, I’ll smile back

    If you give me a look that you don’t think about
    I may look back without thinking about being disturbed

    If you feel disturbed you’ll be looking mad at me
    If I see you mad I’ll be mad at you

    If you see me mad you’ll get even, angrier,
    If I see you really angry I’ll look like a hitter

    I you see me look like I would hit you
    You’ll already be ready to hit me back

    If I see you ready to hit me back I’ll

    Wait a minute!

           I never did anything to you
    You never did anything to me

    I don’t remember how this started in the first place
           I’ll just try to stop looking angry at you first

           Now you don’t look mad back at me
    In fact I think I saw a friendly look now

           That makes me want to look friendly at you
    And sure enough you just smiled back

    Looking back it should end no other way.


    Sun sets above the clouds
    Work is done, at least for now
    No birds fly by, we’re much too high
    Sitting here on a rented blue seat
    In this silver tube, matching wings outside

    Windows are welcome to ease
    The sight of other tired travelers
    Quiet except for the constant hush
    Coming from a steady 500 mile an hour
    Rush I don’t even feel at all

    Something to read, yes, I’ll have that
    But put it down again to reach for this pad
    Causing the lines to curl into rows of words
    Holding quiet conversations with how I feel
    Just going home, just plain tired

    Having secured another day’s money for what it’s worth


    Iggy piggy had a pinky little nose
    He poked it into biggy trouble when he smelled a rose
    The rose was red and it smelled real sweet
    But he pricked his little nosy on a thorn, no treat

    Piggy backed away and he started to cry
    “That was not a nice flower for my nosie to try!”
    Behind him he bumped into a big garbage can
    Inside were some mousies and off they ran

    The mousies were happy ‘cause they’d been stuck there
    Till piggy came along bringing such good luck
    Down and around the city street they ran
    To the bakery shop past the shocked baker man

    In a bowl the jumped and they started to eat
    A fresh rice pudding, which was such a treat
    They ate it all up till the bowl was all dry
    Then they jumped over into a blueberry pie

    They were stuck in the pie and they couldn’t get out
    When the baker came in and he started to shout
    “First it’s mice who heat my pudding of rice
    Now they think they’re some kind of a blueberry spice!”

    He got so mad as he ran over there
    Picking up blue mouse pie tossing it in the air
    The mice were scared as they started to fall
    The pie went straight on and it splashed on the wall

    The mice dropped down- can you guess where they ran?
    Yup, right back into that same old garbage can
    The baker swept up his poor pie on the wall
    And threw it in the garbage where the mice ate it all

    By now Piggy had forgotten all about the thorn
    From the rose that had stuck him as this story was born
    Piggy to mice to rice then to pie
    That’s a happy ending to just say goodbye.


    Tommy never liked to eat in the morning.
           “My tummy is tired and so am I.
                   Give me something later, please.
                           I would gladly wait till lunch.”

    When the middle of the day came around
           Sure enough, Tommy was hungry.
                   He had one helping, maybe two or three.
                           Lunch Maker said, “You’re hungry as a bear.”

    That kept him going all day long.
           Study, play, homework, errands
                   All came easy on a happy tummy
                           Until another mealtime treat.

    Dinner was the same as lunch.
           “Pass me more of everything please.”
                   More of this and more of that
                           Made him stuffed liked a teddy.

    As Tommy got older
           He had to wake earlier.
                   This was no fun.
                           The mornings were long.

    Then one day he found when he first got up
           He was hungry as could be for breakfast.
                   That made him feel good all morning long.
                           Breakfast Maker said, “What good news.”

    You know you were not alone, dear Tom,
           Everyone used to be a morning grump just like you.
                   Now that we’ve scratched out the right mealtimes
                           We’re all a bunch of bears for breakfast.


    Gummy pie, gummy pie
    makes me smile, I wonder why
    stick your fingers in, o my!
    have some fun with gummy pie

    Start out with a bowl or tin
    stir some sticky stuff right in
    jelly beans and chocolate mints
    add some honey and mix again

    Sprinkle in some sugar too
    molasses for a taste that’s new
    what would maple syrup do?
    makes a batch of yummy goo!

    Now it’s running over the top
    sticky, icky unreasonable glop
    more of everything, don’t stop!
    if it spills we’ll get a mop

    All done making our GP
    It tickled me, why would that be?
    Stuck my fingers in, yee-hee
    now they’re stuck in gummy P

    Why’d we make it?  Don’t know why
    some things you’ve just got to try
    if no one eats it, we won’t cry
    we made a funny gummy pie!


    If you could have a perfect day
    Would it be-

           Sit in a garden, watching flowers grow
           No, way to boring and slow
    And there would be bugs

           Have an auditorium all to yourself
           With pick of orchestral sounds
                   Well, no one else would be around to hear

           Fly away to an unknown island
           Sandy beaches, breezes, tall cool drinks
           Exotic flavors all new to swallow ing
                   But of course that wouldn’t be home

    No I’ll take my garden in my mind
    The music plays there anyway
    While closing my eyes imagine the island
    As though I were not out again

    On the road working for someone else

    A New Day for the World

    The day begins with dawn's pleasing light

    Calm bridging between night and day

    As morning sun opens up a new page

    Slowly people's activities begin to heat up

    Smiles turn serious, then darken into frowns

    Goodness evaporates - emotions boil over

    Fueling the flames already warming civilization

    Leading to rudeness, hate, war and death

    Until a new day appears again by grace

    From the ashes of a burned yesterday

    Bringing the cool morning light of new hope

    With the promising smile of another day

    Another chance to make it to a better tomorrow.


           From a single cell of himself (through Mother’s grace)
           Enables you to magically be born into your own life

           Holds your hand tightly at first
           Releasing it at the right time to walk on your own

           Sees that your values solidly fill in the right directions
           Balancing your strength of decision and of muscle

           Remains cool while debating everything
           Knowing that he was once there himself too

           Now can travel to your home
           Greeting the girl that you have married

           Holds his new grandson with beaming pride, endless smiles
           Revitalized from age with each visit

    Great grandpa
           Redoubles his joy, knowing more than ever
           The layers that unfold in the continuing spiral of life

           Is the one you can never thank enough
           For your own life, his friendship, his eternal love

    H 2 Eau

    Out of a single drop
    A universe within comes swimming
    Full of abundant varieties of life
    A pearl seeding the endless worlds of planets

    One first body crawls from the sea
    Leaving the ocean without, yet remaining an ocean within
    Partly constituted but purely based in salt, crystallized there
    Embodying all worlds and all time

           Out of air, and earth and fire
           Dipped and raised in this universal cup of gold

    We are infant individuality born in conflict
    Commonly raised from liquid bearing life
    Essential saline solutions and living brines
    Now the same as in the very beginning

    Disguised in multiples of similar forms
    Flowing, streaming, clouding, condensing until snowing
    As clearly as every starry flake is unique
    Vain and quickly forgetting that we melt to a common pool

           Dipped and raised in this transforming cup of gold
           Out of air, and earth and fire

    In ignorance of universal history, claiming special favor
    In spite of undeniable fluidic likeness among us
    We soon argue how each of us alone is one and only
    Growing so specialized we must destroy any image outside the mirror

    At odds with firmly established ground where we have grown
    In defiance of the colors and movements of each other
    Striking to kill the essence of others around-
    Stop: Let us not forget that we were first dissolved

           Out of air, and earth and fire and
           We remain nothing but this

    The Puzzle

    N O
       F E E L I N G S
                O F      T          SAME
                V         R          O
                E         U          M
                   E X  C L  U D E
                           T           B
                     Y O U          OTHER
                           R           D
                       M E           YES