A  Round the Corner

    “When thou made the quadrangle round,
    then is all the secret found.”
    - George Ripley, The Compound of Alchymie

    1. Sol
    2. Grown Here Before
    3. Hermes
    4. Love in Process
    5. Aphrodite
    6. Why I Love You
    7. Luna
    8. No One Cares…But
    9. Terra
    10. Maple Fingers
    11. What You Taught Me About Them
    12. Seven Billion Counting

    1. Ares
    2. A Round the Corner
    3. Bits and Pieces
    4.  Zeus
    5.  Mandela
    6  Cronus
    7.  Belief
    8.  Caelus
    9.  Levels
    10.  Poseidon
    11.  Stars in Us
    12. Greater Good

    1.  Chaos
    2.  Birth
    3.  Maturity
    4.  Longevity
    5.  Death
    6.  No Escape
    7.  Twins
    8.  Magnetism
    9.  Radio
    10. High Energy
    11. Chronos
    12. Space / Time

    © r.f.Lee

    Average star
    So the numbers say
    But not lacking in flavor here any day

    Cooking in steady mid-life as we speak
    Master chef in your thermonuclear oven
    Known by many names you’ve always been the same

    Sending energetic winds to stir us high above
    Cycles flaring every eleven years adding violent magnetic spice
    Constantly dishing out a thousand watts to each hungry table here below

    We should not take you for granted
    As though you are not truly

    Grown Here Before
    © r.f.Lee

    Roll with the changes.
           Novel psychology?  No, see the
           Book Of Changes, I Ching
    Archetypes of the unconscious
           Not a new Jungian love affair
           Ask the gods of Mt. Olympus
    Get rich quick schemes?
           Going on since the tax collector was
           Called out by Jesus to give up his fortune
    Compassion with conservative tones-
           Not premiered here- just perverted since true Compassion
           Knows no bounds or recipients
    You think it’s your greatest idea, in reality
           Been around forever
           Furthering nothing but promoting more of you
    Lose weight!  Bulk up!  Feel young!
           Sounds new because people have no other life today for
           Moving, lifting, walking, or sweating out stress
    Social media! Connect now! Real time!
           All just poor reality-free TV substitutes for
           Meeting, talking, knowing warm personal faces
    What is left now but
           Newer, more concentrated artificial sweeteners?
           Pure sugar was grown here before

    © r.f.Lee

    Sun’s nearest neighbor

    Liquid metal
    Flying low at twilight

    Moonlike messenger
    Starting small, thinking bigger
    Short years, long days, magnetic ways


    Love in Process
    © r.f.Lee

    Born without asking - or did I? -
    Request another chance to make it right
    Riding the circle another time to perfection
    Putting pieces together from past life with
    Every correct answer now in my sight

    As a singularity what was I going to be?
    Standing alone like a tree in an open meadow
    Looking for what or who I never knew
    Waiting, wanting and hoping to find
    Pieces of my missing self in another one’s shadow

    At the moment I felt most empty
    I fell in love with a beautiful girl
    Ever since that day we’ve been together
    Even when we’re separated by an ocean
    She’s still within me like a pearl

    Seeds of life are a gift from life before
    Though still we question our very origin
    Unaware that in the most silent doubtful moment
    We never were alone at all
    Love was in process before it began

    © r.f.Lee

    Evening or morning star
    Not a star at all
    Not pretty up close

    In this furnace of our family
    Vanity’s mirror keeps deadly heat within
    Liquefying passions like molten lead

    So my dear Earth’s sister
    As close as we are together
    How little love we have to share

    Why I Love You
    © r.f.Lee

    First of all:  there is no simple Why
    As if I’m still making up my mind to
    Chose between some objects on the shelf -
    Consumer Reports no more - shopping time is over -
    We are already enjoying what we’ve got

    Which brings me to who you are and how
    You radiate something special
    Just look at all you’ve taught me:
    To love people, so many of whom you’ve helped
    Listened to, worked with, wondered about

    How you’ve taught me love of people’s best friend
    Without whom you never would be complete
    How their warm ways have enriched my cold self
    They all loved you and you never let them down
    I should be so lucky to know how to know why

    © r.f.Lee

    Your reflection mirrors the Sun
    Shining by night, mostly unseen by day, while
    We always wonder what we will be doing by moonlight
           Facing each other we dance and spin
           I with my oceans all around
           You with a new face now and again
    Lovers look to you for inspiration
    Seeking  to connect with their missing other side
    Consummating what they find in summer nights under your light
           Facing each other we dance and spin
           While oceans here are falling low
           Your face becomes a crescent again
    round our only Sun
    We orbit all for one
    Weaving our path together
           Facing each other, dancing and spinning
           I rise and fall with liquid attraction
           Watching you wax to a new beginning
    When once again your face is full -
    Legend has it that werewolves may prowl -
    Transfigured – transformed - lunatics out of control!
           Still facing each other we dance and spin
           Oceans now moved to bring high tide in
           Your face perfectly round now as we
    Cycle through all of your familiar shapes again
    Surrounded by oceans without, emotions within,
    Facing each other while we divinely dance and endlessly spin

    No One Cares…But
    © r.f.Lee

    Fallen down, laughed at
    No one cares just how you achieved that
    Foolish, funny position, as they stare at
    You at the bottom of the stairs
           Or did someone see you on the way there?
    Lost your way, no direction home
    Thinking you’ve even forgotten where you’re goin’
    You could ask for a little help, but it’s moot
    When a Mapquest or a Google route
    Would get you there without a human’s boot

    Robbed, everything taken, feeling downer than down
    Everyone around you has high times going on
    Sparkling jewels, places to go, things to do
    Everything you once aspired to
           How can you ever feel rich again and new?
    Worst of all, your friends are lost and gone
    Though they were few but always strong
    Those you counted on, lose or win
    Those with whom you’d never end
           Just wanted to get the gang back together again

    So if there’s nothing and that’s the end
    Maybe you’re wrong.  Because it’s just about knowing
    What is living beyond that dark smoky screen
    Lost in all the magic you may have been missing
           Someone who cares but remains unseen
    Hidden.  Silent.  Secretly watching you
    What you are doing, how you’ve been struggling
    Knowing every place you should be going
    Replacing old doubts with hope that’s new
           No one cares, so you feel…

    But maybe we do.

    © r.f.Lee

    Third one out
    Next to none
    Home to everyone I’ve ever known
    Read on

    Maple Fingers
    © r.f.Lee

    Ten thousand hands wave in the sky
    Rising together, moving with the slightest breeze
    Each individually unique, yet organically organized
    Serving the business of one magnificent, unified being
    We simply call a tree.

    Now a leaf may not need actual fingers
    Or need to do what we normally like to do
    Like holding, moving, playing, working, loving
    Or just picking up food to drop in our mouths.
    Hand holding is not needed at all; they know a better way.

    Not all leaves have fingers, at least not grouped in fives
    There may be but a single proud digit
    Long and thin as blades, shaped like ovals, hearts or spades.
    Towering palms.  Lowly blades of grass.  Poison leaves of three.
    Uniquely, visible veins in a maple leaf proudly reveal its winning hand.

    A single stem, replicated with fractal fashion,
    Makes the critical connection to branch and then trunk
    Held loosely enough to move yet communicate and transport
    Air, water, energy, and essential elements
    Handing them off from above to below, and back.

    These veins tell the story of the heavens brought to Earth.
    Handiwork of the finest biochemical machine imaginable:
    To grow without desire except to be in the way of the Sun
    To give endlessly without asking for any kind of payment
    All the while appearing quietly modest but outrageously beautiful.

    Dutifully, peacefully, receiving the abundant blessing of solar flux
    Releasing oxygen from water, its universal captor
    Fixing carbon dioxide into its own body to grow strong
    Asking nothing more in return but a healthy Earth to live upon
    All the while decorating its face with living glory.

    This is a normal Maple year:  To bud, grow, and live,
    To (apparently) die in Autumn, diffracting into rainbows of green, yellow and
    Drying and falling down to Earth without a parachute
    Then coldly being transformed back to basic nutrients
    Until Spring opens up Winter’s grip to build toward the sky once more

    What You Taught Me About Them
    © r.f.Lee

    Two pairs of eyes glowing in the dark
    Soft paws leading to sharp whiskers
    First introduced us to each other

    From them I first learned quietly
    In mostly psychic, Sphinx-like ways
    How to sit, stare, silently being there

    Eventually when these lives could not last forever
    I was there through final days, hours and minutes
    Witnessing life needing to expire before me

    Soon enough, bigger, louder friends would enter in
    Starting as puppies wrapped in blankets
    Held tightly throughout the night

    Opening a new book the first chapter was training
    So we learned how to walk together
    Walk, pull and run, going outside, going far

    Always happy when we’d come home
    Always ready to meet, greet, eat and go back out
    Being ‘just’ a human would never be the same

    Friendship in a warm fur coat!
    Joy in a toothy tongue-waving smile!
    Boundless energy of bright-eyed wagging love!

    Thank you for taking me back to school
    Opening endless books of animal stories
    Making me a better man

    Seven Billion Counting
    © r.f.Lee

    Individuals written large
    Eighty million more per year
    220K a day
    Nine thou an hour
    A buck fifty a minute
    Birth frequency = approximately 2.5 Hertz
    Faster than a beating heart

    “One” defines unique-
    Never more and never even existed-
    “Two” was dawn’s First Creation
    From there grew every root of today’s tree of humanity
    Wildly successful beyond design
    Fruitful indeed
    Multiplying now exponentially

    Combinations, permutations, all relations
    Help connect the one to the many.
    Superconscious, synchronous, ubiquitous
    Are ways we can connect with ourselves
    Part of a group, a granfaloon
    Needing a sense of belonging to
    Something greater than our individuality

    Organized in tribes did we
    Prove time tested ways of life
    Raising young, revering elders
    Providing for the common good
    Teaching, sharing, passing along established traditions
    Warring, winning, slowly evolving
    All the while never straying outside of those very norms

    Family, nucleus, forcefully bound together
    Communities, neighborhoods, share the load
    Commerce, transportation, communication connect and grow
    Towns, cities, counties sprinkle in local flavor
    States define and bind a country
    Countries, borders artificially divide
    Earth as one planet spinning in space


    Blasting into the future caught us by surprise
    One leg grounded in old traditions
    The other leg stretching to reach the sky
    Bedroom community.  Work from home.
    Commuter dad.  Single, mom.  Virtual family.
    Alternatives at every turn.
    Prospects confuse as complexities cry out for attention

    Now how do we do the worldly math?
    Conserve every possible life?
    Is every sperm and egg sacred?
    If sacred: turn up the multiplier
    If optional: define the choice
    If undesired: control uncontrolled growth
    If we do not know: status quo

    © r.f.Lee

    Small outer neighbor
    Rusty red, dry, unbreathable
    Nothing to do with human war

    Peacefully our rovers crawl across your face
    Sniffing and snapping photographs
    Getting to know you better

    If you had atmosphere, if you had life
    It might be feverishly fun
    On nights when your two moons are full

    A Round the Corner
    © r.f.Lee

    Roughly speaking:  corners, defined, are square, not round
    (What wizard quipped “cake ‘r’ square, pie ‘r’ round”?)
    So we bend some rules to get there as we move on.

    More precisely: to turn a corner is to
    Move orthogonally, at ninety degrees
    Like a chess rook on Euclidean coordinate boards

    Turning a new direction is simply a full left or right turn.  
    Diagonals are a fraction of this. In an airplane you can experience
    3D freedom including up and down besides left and right.

    Turning corners can be scary.
    A body in motion tends to remain the same unless forced to change.
    We experience forces when we force ourselves to turn.

    Stuck in a linear rut forever goes nowhere.  It’s boring too.
    Not to change ignores the spiral change potential of life
    Risking to leave us behind forever in a lost, useless past.

    How can we turn corners as a people?
    Religions have taught us many ways:
    Godliness.  Selflessness.  One in the Same.

    Change sides.  Move around.  Seek the other view.
    Talk to others.  Wait your turn in line.  Don’t think you are always right.
    Pray for your enemies.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for us all.

    Humanity has shortcut many corners leading to oppression and war
    Yet of our many wrong turns some have been toward light
    Showing the true way:  leaves of a flower seek sun.

    We can grow strong, decide where we go, and control who we will be.
    How will we navigate our next move?  It’s a matter of simply going a
    Round the Corner.

    Bits and Pieces
    © r.f.Lee

    Scattered junk
           Remnants of something that once was
                   Lost in space between here and
                           The Next Big Thing
    A life in between
           Nothing but a smattering of
                   Big, round solid things
                           You thought you should be part of
    Never mind what they say about you
           It really means nothing because
                   If you would ever be in control
                           Your damage would be quite smashing
    Into those big guys that is
           The ones on the map
                   Never mind, you have your space
                           Your address is Asteroid Gap
    Did you ever feel like this?
           Tossed aside, blown apart
                   Part of nothing
                           Waiting for a new start
    A life in between
           Nothing but a smattering of
                   Big, round, more solid things
                           You thought you should be part of
    Wlcome to reality
           This is the family
                   We exist like this
                           There is no other way
    Bits and pieces are part of the whole.

    © r.f.Lee

    Almost a sun.
    Gaseous and frozen outside
    Yet mysteriously warming inside
    Seen every night since human birth
    Among your dozens of moons
    Some of them could be an Earth.
    First of our large outer brothers and sisters
    Your great red spot alone could swallow us whole.

    A god among planets you are

    Mandela Mandala
    © r.f.Lee

    “A rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world”.
    -Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela endured 27 years in prison
    Treated like an animal for being who he is.
    When set free he took back his country
    Without revenge in his heart, through nonviolence in the streets,
    Winning by the new election process including all the people
    Leading his country on a path toward freedom and equality.

    I am so humbled by this man and this story
    My own petty life situations and challenges fading to nothing
    I can only breathe anew and cry out thanks for
    A saint among men once again in our lifetime.
    I am white, I am American, I feel the struggle and energy
    Of all of us on this poor messed up planet.

    These words end here so I can go to work to continue this cause.


    Strength                                        Leadership


    Forgiveness                                        Renewal


    © r.f.Lee

    Sixth from the Sun
    Most distant to ancients
    Known since the beginning
    Fully seen only with telescope eyes

    Had we a pool big enough
    You could easily float in it
    Dense you are not, mostly hydrogen you are
    Cold outside, metallic but soft

    Best known for your marvelous rings –
    Oh, the rings! –
    We now have pictures taken up close
    Dazzling us with razor thin rainbow beauty

    © r.f.Lee

    Don’t touch that candle!  It’s hot!
    Mother’s warning pours into our young ears
    We love mother and believe her.
    It must be good advice.
    We could continue to believe what mother said
    Never testing the rules or thinking about it again.
    But one day we put our finger in the flame anyway
    Forgetting – or challenging – that advice.

    It did not hurt if we moved fast enough
    Thanks to newly discovering speed and duration.
    While physical plasma endures like the sun
    We might luckily glide in and out of its flaming presence.
    Perhaps we choose to try the experience over and over
    Experimentally finding a way to avoid hurting ourselves
    Eventually learning new ways to touch fire that
    Mother never told us about, or ever imagined herself

    We could find good ways to mitigate bad results
    Using other prudent advice that mother gave us
    Growing accustomed to novel results
    Or even putting them to useful purpose.
    We could become quite addicted to the thrill of
    Burnt flesh, continually returning to the forbidden deed
    Once we had found just the right amount of near burns
    Producing pleasant and interesting new effects.

    What if for some reason like an X-man gene
    We could start our own flames without help?
    We could change the rules for ourselves while wondering
    If we should extend the ability to everyone else:
    Not a comic book, this reads more like the story of mankind
    To doubt, look deeper, struggle with truth, challenge belief
    To end up knowing more than mother and hoping
    Mother would understand.

    © r.f.Lee

    So far away you were mistaken for a star
    Lucky seven, cool as ice you are
    Blue, bland at first sight

    Crawling around your long orbit with 20-year seasons
    Spinning sideways like no one else
    We recognize your attitude

    More power to you for being so bold
    To end up that way on your side
    Somehow you turned

    A Round the Corner

    © r.f.Lee

    Ancient man barely survived
    Competing as animals against animals
    Not long after, a few wide but shallow and aggressive ones
    Thought they were somehow better than the rest
    Soon entire civilizations unwittingly submitted to
    Shallow differences used as weapons of suppression.

    History is bloated with overconsumption of the flesh.
    Dominating others.  I Am Better.  King, pawn.  
    Ruling class, bereft of class.  Super rich, struggling poor.
    Slave, free. Superior, inferior. Superman, not even a man.
    Apparently this human flaw is evolving, but can it ever be ending?
    Mountains seem unmovable, yet through millennia rise and wear away.

    Not by birth, money, race or religion!
    Not by anything predetermined by fake power brokers!
    Dawning now, early transitions begin to engage
    All of Earth’s billions in broadly spreading rainbow arcs.
    Leaders speak eloquently; those who will, carefully listen.
    Politicians scheme, others dream of solutions:

    Those who walk lift up those who can’t
    Dancers give nimble new legs to tired old sitters
    Poets write prophetically; all shall learn to read  
    Creative artists recreate us all
    Mathematicians multiply exponents, others simply add
    Taught by those who are smart, all become smart

    Random rungs on directionless ladders appear to confuse with
    Countless artificial colors without social order
    No longer even ruled by worthless promises of snake oil
    Shedding that skin to metamorphose into
    The future, relentlessly moving ahead
    Humankind waking up and living new dreams

    Not by any predetermined external code but by
    Choosing to rise up and live in our highest levels

    © r.f.Lee

    Nothing about King of the Sea
    Suits you but your distance

    Truly commanding the last outpost before
    Our family ends far short of the nearest star

    Most distant of our brothers and sisters
    Unknown to ancients as a planet, Galileo took you for a star

    We have now visited you but only in passing
    On our journey to explore up close what lies far beyond you

    Stars in Us
    © r.f.Lee

    They begin as dark wisps of simple gases
    More dispersed than Earth’s best vacuum
    Pulled and congealed slowly by gravity
    Catalyzed by dusty magnetism, so far
    Quiet.  But not yet alive.

    Eventually the time of birth arrives
    Gestation being ticked off in millennia
    Hotter and denser does the young pre-stellar object grow
    Till when, if massive enough,
    The miracle of hydrogen fusion ignites:
    A new star is born.

    Now given this process of solar life we may ask:
    Is sacrifice of hydrogen to make helium
    Violent?  Destructive? Unnatural? Or Immoral?
    Violent:  to the extreme.
    Destructive: yes, but also creative.
    Unnatural: depends on what you’re used to
    Immoral: nothing like we know.

    Violence, you see, is a matter of degree.
    When matter reaches a Billion degrees
    The natural repulsion of positive charges
    Turns into a stronger, friendlier nuclear binding force
    Upon which fusion becomes a sweet release;
    Tremendously sweet it is for energy lovers.

    Destruction, too, is relative.  There is no absolute since
    One form of matter creates another.
    Sure, a little mass is lost to make big energy but we only need to say,
    “So long and enjoy your trip” at the fusion reaction station
    To a traveling positron, a tiny, elusive neutrino, and
    High energy gamma radiation travelling at light speed forever.

    This is all unnatural to us, maybe, but not to stars.
    What is unnatural about shining on for billions of years?
    Yes, spotty cycles come and go-
    We said that it is a violent life after all-
    But could there be a better example of true dependability than
    Stars burning and continuing to be born to burn in across the universe?

    Twinkling stars so pretty from here are now understood to be
    Up close violently hot and bright, making more than they take,
    Which is all natural and good.
    To question at all is uniquely human
    Limited to primitive communications between Man and God
    For if God thought the life of stars was bad at all,
    Why are there so many of them?  Why do we revolve around one?

    A few twists remain in star birth and death.
    Ultra -violence of the Supernova kind may arise when
    One star devours its smaller companion, eating enough to explode.
    (Is this a meat or vegetarian diet?)
    Similarly, an old, massive star will also explode as a Supernova
    Creating light equivalent to a Galaxy for a while
    Leaving behind new elements as nutrients for new celestial bodies

    These are some lessons we can learn:
    To live long and steadily, doing what we do best.
    To create anew from what we consume.
    These are some questions that will burn:
    Is it anything but natural for matter to be destroyed to create different
    Is a violent explosive end that is an inevitable consequence of mass a

    While our own Sun is not expected to die a Supernova death,
    When it burns out its remnants will expand to slowly engulf us here
    And in the expansive arms of our red giant we will be no more.
    This death too fertilizes the local galactic neighborhood to grow new life.
    For a planetary nebula is also natural and a lesson in morality.
    Earth and all life upon Her was carefully chosen to come from stars

    Greater Good
    © r.f.Lee

    Stellar protons fuel nuclear fusion
    Destroying hydrogen for the sake of creating helium
    Releasing enough energy to feed their cold passive planets

    Does hydrogen care?  
    Or gladly enter its next life as the
    Larger element?

    Next the helium burns too
    Shedding energy, yielding carbon, nitrogen and oxygen:
    Do any of them hold a grudge?

    Fusion goes on to make silicon sands
    Peaking out at iron to make us all strong
    Metals dispersed for next generations of stars and people

    Should the star be massive enough
    Rather than a quiet, shrinking death as a dwarf
    As a Supernova it becomes an instant galaxy of light

    Who here says, You can’t change me?  Just leave me alone?
    No one.  The new forms swirl and flow without end
    Spinning with light, energy, space, hope and joy

    Matter to energy
    Matter to new matter
    Not about killing

    It’s all about who accepts becoming the future
    Forces and physics of matter and energy, space and time
    Continuously becoming a Greater Good.

    © r.f.Lee

    Where am I, so far from everything else?
    A lonely speck in an amorphous cloud is who I am
    Separated by more space than in Earth’s finest vacuum

    I can drift, but no, some other mass there attracts me
    Coming closer, just we two, then more
    Buffeted by energetic winds all around

    Electrostatic attraction turns me on
    Magnetism modulates my senses in a song
    I will become something much more very soon

    Am I gaining weight?  (But in a good way?)
    Am I destined to change and lose my individuality?
    Certainly it is so, for I feel stronger forces tugging at me

    Oh yes; it is so, I am whirling, coalescing and storming
    I feel the forces of others joining
    Together we are going to be forming

    Something different, could it be a new body type?
    Out of thousands of years of strife
    It seems a star will come to life

    © r.f.Lee

    As a father I have just the slightest right
    To appreciate what a mother does on that special night
    But being there was all the world to me
    I was there at the beginning, and god willing through it all I will see

    I shall not repeat more famous stories
    Novels replete with human mysteries glorious
    But one of us must tell the tale of how a sun is born
    What they go through, how they are formed

    Much too simply: gravity attracts, increasing mass
    Heating the core, more and more.
    Soon it ignites thermonuclear fire
    Fusion is on and here we are.

    This is the birth of a sun followers dream
    From one to two, hydrogen to helium
    Nothing is more grand in the grandest scheme than
    Stars being born again and again.

    © r.f.Lee

    Look around, find a grownup
    Not a baby any more – not behaving badly as before
    Outgrown childish ways, moving forward day to day
    Working, contributing, self-relying
    So it is across the world, those who grow up show their output
    Think main sequence and all that means
    Giving, yielding energy beyond our wildest dreams
    Not a hundred years or so; could be billions, maybe more
    Maturity can be a long, starry way of life

    © r.f.Lee

    I hate this part near the end.
    Too rigid: help me find just how to bend

    Having gone on all this time I wonder
    What has been missed, or just tossed under?

    Never mind that life was good
    Giving energy, providing food

    All good things must come to closure
    While those involved should keep composure

    If you had lived a billion years on the moon
    It would somehow still seem too soon

    But this is the beauty of what we know:
    We come, endure, and always grow.

    Like a collapsing star we morph to something new
    Making new material for the next cosmic crew

    © r.f.Lee

    The name is too strong.  Our emotions are so weak.
    Yet “it” is all around us.
    Luckily we are talking about stars.

    If you think the universe is set forever, you are wrong.
    Every celestial body has a life, evolving, moving on.
    The fixed stars are not fixed, just very distant.

    If massive enough, expect a supernova explosion
    Following which a denser-than-you-can-imagine party goes on
    Ending with a neutron star or even a black hole.

    Those below Chandrasekhar limits see another fate:
    Expanding, not spectacularly, but quietly
    To cool off and retire as a white dwarf.

    Do we have choices like this?
    Are we subject to the fates of mass, energy and time?
    Read these pages. We surely are.

    No Escape
    © r.f.Lee

    Too dense
           Fallen and can’t get up
                   Nothing can escape        
           Nowhere to go

    Nothing is everything
           In the center of what you cannot see
                   I’m all that should never be
           A singular victim of all that gravity

    You active galactic nuclear Black Hole

    © r.f.Lee

    One here, one there
           Could be equals, or one dominating the other
    Doubles, multiples, we come in sets
           Mirrors of each other and mutual guests
    Are you a twin of someone unknown?
           A lost soul looking for where you are from?
    Everything is a duality of form
           Hot, cold, plus, minus, on and on
    For when two were ever one
           There the magic has begun

    © r.f.Lee

    I walk alone but am drawn off course
    What is the attraction?  Very powerful.  The right direction.

    Compass, you must tell the truth
    Based on poles within the Earth

    Forces may be electrical, or magnetic,
    Gravity you may temporarily forget here

    All around us, magnetosphere surrounds us.
    Let the solar wind never ground us

    We see you in distant stars
    Pulsars, Magnetars, powered by north-south field bars

    © r.f.Lee

    Silence.  Start low, just above what you can hear.
    Move the dial up, through radio, TV and more
    Then there will be heat in red (think infrared ovens)
    Rainbow colors yellow, green, and blue, to ultraviolet (tanning salons)

    Beyond the unseen ultraviolet
    We encounter what (for lack of a better name) we still call X-rays
    And how do we see what is beyond our sight?
    Not with eyes, but with instruments that extend our senses

    Surrounded by spectrum
    Immersed in a rich, wavy sea
    Can we hear what is being sent?
    Can we hear what we should see?

    High Energy
    © r.f.Lee

    Breaking up atoms
    Making new ones

    Nuclear forces
    Capable of changing matter itself

           These are energies at work in atoms

    Do gamma rays scare you?
    They should – but we are protected

    What goes on within stars
    Is not revealed entirely to us

           High energy transposes to lower energy

    A million years or so is the journey of a
    Gamma ray to the surface of the Sun

    Can we ever comprehend this trek?
    Appreciate how this energy is passed along us?

           We are lucky to be on a safer longer wavelength

    © r.f.Lee

    Ticking from moment to moment
    What is next and what is going forward

    Define a taken for granted revolution
    Counted by what the Moon does with us

    Simply an elliptical cycle
    For as long as anyone remembers

    Marking years by the thousands
    Needing thousands more
    To cycle around the Milky Way

    What becomes of space and time?
    Is where we will be in a singularity

    Space / Time
    © r.f.Lee

    Massive enough,
           Warp space
    Fast enough,
           Just pure light
    Regular life,
           No effect
           What to expect?
    Think big
           Scales of space and time
    So grand
           It also warps the mind
    What’s it mean?
           We are relatively what we are
    Anything more?
           Just A Round the Corner.