1.        Earth Family
    2.        AA+
    3.        Facts to Feel
    4.        Not All the Same
    5.        Double or Nothing
    6.        Simple as 1-2-3 Degrees
    7.        About Four
    8.        The Fifth Way
    9.        Correspondences
    10.      Down and Up
    11.      These Are the Keys

    1.        Before the Revolution
    2.        It All Depends
    3.        Still Learning
    4.        Really Long Time
    5.        Extensions
    6.        You Need to Know
    7.        Us and Them
    8.        My Iron Death is Your Birth
    9.        Uncertain
    10.      Because
    11.      Small Mystery

    1.        Fallen Leaves
    2.        Local God
    3.        Atrocities and Cities of Saints
    4.        IS/IS Not
    5.        Too Much
    6.        More
    7.        Johnny C
    8.        Critique of What We’ve Done
    9.        Let Us Think About It
    10.      Question Your Freedoms
    11.      Honor – Not Worship

    1.        Knock on your Door
    2.        FlipFlop
    3.        Backwards
    4.        Runaround
    5.        Kind of Uncertain
    6.        Stuff
    7.        How Do You Like Your Room?
    8.        Adapt Richly
    9.        High on Electrons
    10.       An Emcee Square
    11.       What I Do

    1.        Vibrations
    2.        Spin
    3.        Combinations
    4.        Pure Light
    5.        Fingers of Fire
    6.        All Renters
    7.        How I Feel on the Trail
    8.        Measure of a Man
    9.        One More Chance
    10.      Use What You Choose
    11.      I Don’t Know / I Do

    1.        No No’s to New
    2.        Progress
    3.        Turn It Around
    4.        Merging Traffic
    5.        Water and Blood
    6.        New Energy
    7.        Free From the Parade
    8.        The Will of Iron
    9.        How the Motor Works
    10.      Google Nikolai Kardashev to Start
    11.      Is it Enough?

    Earth Family
    © r.f.Lee

           What is above is like what is below, and what is below is like
    that which is above.  
           The Sun is the father, the Moon the mother; the wind carried
    it in his belly.
           With this knowledge alone you may work miracles.

    So teaches The Emerald Tablet.
    So poorly have we learned these lessons, although
    We are born of the stars = expanding giants and supernovae

    Planetary nebulae are stars turning into us
    So clearly is the sun our father we forget
    What is above and what is below, which are alike

    Constant streaming of Sun’s energy toward us = Solar Wind
    Without which we freeze and die, lost on Earth
    Whose inhabitants barely realize how to tap its power

    Reflecting its intense glory is the Moon
    Reminding us of our origins, one family alive
    Rising and falling tides, waxing and waning new to full

    Possibly science has tapped into the secret
    For we now begin to see the truth in deceptively simple
    Hermetic principles

    We are made of elements no different than the heavens
    Lives reflected in the birth and death of living stars
    Soon we will realize the reason to work miracles.

    © r.f.Lee

    Told stories of the sky
    Powerful, mysterious, distant but personal
    Telling of the past, leading to our future
    But no longer trusted as particularly useful.

    Art more than science, promised a
    Journey from base metal to gold that is precious
    Through seven steps: occult and misunderstood
    Today not believed to be working within us

    These two A’s are still fully alive today
    We just need to recognize them as a new golden dawn:
    Stars forever drive nucleosynthesis
    Creating the elements in us for living on

    So let us begin a new understanding
    Based on principles eternal and elemental:
    We come from stars alive as we are
    Continuing to burn like all life fundamental

    Facts to Feel
    © r.f.Lee

           Invisible vapor
           Spirit unseen within you
           Life’s pure essence
           New life’s next chance
           Everyone’s body
           Attracts all heavenly bodies
           Plasma too hot to bear
           Stars in fusion everywhere
           Based on properties
           Working in us
           Things that could be
           To feel unity

    Not All the Same
    © r.f.Lee

    We think particles are elementary
           As if just starting grade school
    In truth they have been around the cosmic block
           Since before we were ever imagined and
    Depending on where and when they have been are
           Distinctly different in the Heisenberg sense

    This would explain a lot.
           How planets of the same sun could be either
    Inner and rocky, or outer and gassy
           How identical twins can still be different
    Even if wearing the same clothes (which cannot be the same
           Since there are two different sets of them)

    From one origin we came
           Above to below
    Which universally is certain
           But what is in the details is devilish
    So we must understand the fine distinction:
           What is One is not all the Same

    Double or Nothing
    © r.f.Lee

    Is (or are) taken for granted numerically

    Two, when crossed, are transformed into four
    Cardinal points and Euclidean planes

    Crossing again orthogonally
    Becoming all of 3D space

    Travelling far enough north or west
    Eventually you discover south or east

    Meanwhile, time is the vehicle of fluid for
    Transporting us to destinations unknown

    Only hindsight and history are unique and true
    All else remains mere possibility for me and you

    All the while day fades to night
    Night gives birth once more to day

    Magnets pull closer and closer together until
    They line up as one again

    The only odds available for two are
    Double or nothing

    Simple as 1-2-3 Degrees
    © r.f.Lee

    Once there was a singularity
    Not a zero; One
    Who would be Everything

    Because One could not contain itself
    One had to simply explode to
    Divide and bravely face itself

    From this point on appeared opposites
    Sometimes attractive, sometimes antagonistic,
    We know them all too well

    North and south, up and down,
    Positive and negative, light and dark
    Male and female, old and young

    Hot and cold.  Now curiously
    When they meet each other
    Their common ground is average, in equilibrium

    In this way two fall and give rise to three
    Unlike either of them originally
    All sons and daughters of singularity

    Other forces are not so simple
    Annihilating each other, chasing, fighting, procreating
    Not as simple but complex by degrees

    About Four
    © r.f.Lee

    As numbers go
    Pause right there to consider all that
    You’ve never added up before

    To sum them up, one through four
    Will give to you an even ten
    Suitable for handy digits
    Exponents of them and so much more

    Four is stable, square and complete.
    Divinity comes before with three
    And soon thereafter, pentacles with
    Well-dressed suits that can’t be beat

    How can Four Elements be so smart
    Creating everything that we’ve got here?
    Skies above, rivers through, energy all around?  
    I’d say it counts as perfect art.

    The Fifth Way
    © r.f.Lee

    Where there once were just corners four
           Based on absolute reality that came before
                   Must emerge now something more
    No longer constrained
           Emerging from the plane
                   Beyond solid dimensions do the cards proclaim
    Freedom is moving out of bounds
           Off the grid and out of the cloud
                   Choosing new ways and feeling proud
    Looking in and looking far
           What there is and what we are
                   At the pentagram’s head we become a star
    What is missing?
           Just one

    © r.f.Lee

    “Talk it up
    Talk down to them
    Lift your sights
    Lower your ambitions”

    What is below is not like what is above
    If we fail to know how it works
    Ignorant of the order of operations
    Blind to truth and deaf to reasoning

    From the earliest times we knew
    We are small in the space of the universe
    We need to know more than we know
    We rise only if we wish to go higher

    One can understand order in many ways
    Not unlike the sides of a circle
    All is circular, and in three dimensions, spiral
    In the fourth dimension, yet unknown

    Correspondences include
    Steps of alchemical transformation
    Planets and our Solar System family
    Zodiacal signs from light years away

    Icons and archetypes to connect with time
    Those from venerable traditions
    Tarot, I Ching
    All the books of wisdom

    Correspondences are many
    More than we can use, so
    Select your partners in life
    Grow with them forever

    Down and Up
    © r.f.Lee

    What comes down from the skies?
           We think of rain, or sunshine
    At night, Moon’s reflection of the Sun
           Stars and everything beyond

    Little do we know of the stories going on:
           Birth from cold, collapsing clouds of dust
    Ignition into blasting nuclear fusion
           Collapse from old age, burned out, exploding

    We give back very little
           Feeble light from burning things here
    Trash, pollution, greenhouse gases
           Hope, despair, greedy human emotions

    We can raise ourselves up to meet the sky
           Confident, greeting what is up there
    Meeting infinity halfway
           Becoming much more than we are today

    These are the Keys
    © r.f.Lee

                           Sagittarius, Aries
                                   The Fool
                                   The Queen
                                   Justice, The King
                                   The Moon, The Lovers, Strength
                                   The Hermit, The Heirophant
                           Virgo, Libra
                                   High Priestess
                           Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius
                                   Death, The Heirophant


    Before the Revolution
    © r.f.Lee

    Before the revolution of Physics
    We nonetheless were able to move

    Before we know any Chemistry
    We saw how things react

    Before we knew Biology
    We witnessed natural life

    Before Astronomy, Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Evolution
    We knew not from where we came, but it did not matter

    Now that we know
    We remain clueless as ever as a race

    If what we know outside
    Is not burned into knowledge within

    True knowledge must come
    From the Heart

    It All Depends
    © r.f.Lee

    Once upon gazing up at the Sun
    We wondered how it had all begun

    Soon, mythical lives begin to show
    Themselves to be all we could know

    Human rage, love, lust and deceit
    Could explain the blinding, infernal heat

    Turning to more distant stars
    We started to piece together who we truly are

    Written in patterns in the sky
    We saw life greater than ours explaining why

    We are who we are
    Where we are coming from and much more

    And knowing now of thermonuclear fusion
    Do we still know very much more?

    Now, we look up (quantitatively) to the sun
    And wonder how it had all begun

    Still Learning
    © r.f.Lee

    Grow legs, stand up, walk about
    Lean to think and speak and shout
           Play with fire, keeping warm
           Finding out just why we’re born
    Soon we grow some plants and use
    Horses, mules and oxen to do the work
           Language? Yes, by the thousands
           So many that no one can understand us
    Arrows from rocks led to spears and sticks
    Metal swords, shields and clubs like bricks
           Gunpowder, cannons, mortars and bombs
           Bigger, meaner and more inventive than ever
    Until prospects of overkill deterred us from
    Going back to dust from where we came from
           Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age
           Into the Space Age conquering distant places
    If technique doesn’t do us in
    It’s back to the old “my way the highway” thing
           Worse yet, kill in the name of God
           Whatever that’s called in your mental sling
    We can be doing so much more
    Learning, listening, understanding each other
           Building, healing, enjoying, having fun
           On this journey we’ve barely begun

    Really Long Time
    © r.f.Lee

    A rock
    Piece of stardust
    Breaks down
    Making smaller pieces
    Eventually becoming
    Particles of Earth’s crust
    Nutritious enough for
    Plants to start and forests to grow
    Then they become the food and shelter
    For animals that live there
    Until one day among those animals
    Emerges an organism just like us.
    Don’t tell me the whole chain is not alive
    The clock just has an eternal sense of duration
    So it seems that waiting at the station
    Takes a really, really long time.

    © r.f.Lee

    I have felt vibrations since my birth
           Seismographs feel rumblings of the Earth
    I see colors in the sky
           Spectrometers refine and quantify
    I sense chemicals through taste and smell
           Chromatographs separate them fully well
    Even if I had a perfect sense of rhythm
           It would not be as accurate as the nucleus of cesium
    I’ve memorized some very basic things
           Nothing compared to what the internet brings
    How can I bring these extensions of myself
           To improve what I feel, and how I live?

    You Need to Know
    © r.f.Lee

    Something broken?
    Call an expert to fix it
    Where did come from?
    Let someone else do the research

    What about a few feet ahead of you?
    Pay no attention since it’s so far away
    Anything out there that interests you?
    Or is it no fun if you don’t have to pay?

    How does your clock work?
    Your oven, microwave, TV, or phone?
    Do you believe it’s magic or
    Is there no way to tell?

    A couple hundred years into the
    Scientific Revolution
    Has left most of us in the past
    There’s much more now you need to know.

    Us and Them
    © r.f.Lee

    We consume oxygen like burning machines
           They produce oxygen from sun and water
    We produce CO2 like machines burn too
           They consume CO2 like angels breathing
    We both need water you know
           Machines make water as a byproduct of fire
    We consume carbohydrates while tanning in the sun
           They produce carbohydrates by greening in the sun
    Machines consume hydrocarbons for fuel
           We need more machines to simply eat the sun

    My Iron Death is Your Birth
    © r.f.Lee

    I was once large and beloved
           A sphere of gravity balanced by fusion
    One counteracting the other while
           My furnace was growing ever heavier
    Up through the elements I built until
           I could get no energy in return
    As the devil Iron robbed my outgoing nature
           I was pulled to collapsing death by my own weight
    Once a builder
           Now destroyed- but wait-
    You call me a Supernova and you know
           My death and life are in your blood

    © r.f.Lee

    Quantum steps seem exact but
    Can only be vaguely known.
    Where are you? How fast are you going?
    One of them must remain a mystery ongoing

    How much do you weigh?
    What about your energy?
    Whatever we do to find you will
    Throw you off your course, and us from our quest.

    Are you something real
    Or just ethereal?
    Are you a lowly particle or
    A wave so superior?

    Who knows?

    © r.f.Lee

    Because spirit penetrates you
    Infusing every cell with thought
    You wake and begin to move

    Because you are connected electrically
    You are a radio engine
    Moving with collected energy

    Because you alone are the intelligent switch
    Deciding what to turn on or turn off
    You may be a glowing light or burned out bulb

    Because so much energy is all around
    You must choose your frequencies
    To resonate or disconnect

    Because you have a mind to help decide
    How to use magnetism and electricity
    Your reception should be tuned carefully

    Small Mystery
    © r.f.Lee

    Here I am
    Take away real estate
    Vehicles, possessions, stuff

    Who am I then?
    Just the same
    Nothing less

    What I am since
    Born a naked man I
    Took forever to grow and learn and be just that

    How can I know
    What the future knows, how it does so and
    Where it’s going to go?

    How am I
    Going to get beyond all these things?
    Could it be they are one and the same?


    Fallen Leaves
    © r.f.Lee

           A simple, bare table stands in a quiet room
           Waiting for whatever shall fall upon it

    Over the years did I find
    Collections of leaves printed purposely
    Bound together in ordered stacks with
    Spines not unlike yours or mine

    So upon the table did I lay a
    Baghavad Gita, Bible, Book of the Dead,
    Dhammapada, Koran and Tao Te Ching
    With room for others when comes their day

    While all their power (not superficial weight!)
    Could have crushed the table to the ground
    Destroying the room and
    Vaporizing the building to Earth beyond

    It did not.
    A quiet peace never before heard,
    Pure sweetness bathed in radiant rainbow colors,
    In perfect harmony now filled the room

    Leaf by leaf then did the texts
    Begin to weave themselves together:
    Different sizes, disparate ages,
    Languages unlike each other no barrier

    Leaf by leaf continued the texts
    Weaving their pages into one
    Comparing, discussing, unifying and shining
    Like lasers welding, bonding one to the rest

    Then one human joined the events
    Unaware of god, mankind and our history
    Crushing the leaves and crashing the table
    Dooming our backward race ever since

           No longer simple, bare or quiet
           Ignorance is our dagger and we fall upon it.

    Local God
    © r.f.Lee

    Sign in front of United Christ Church
    Duncannon, Pennsylvania
    June 21, 2014 (no, not 1944)

    “Past, Present and Future
    God Bless Our Military!
    Join us
    Sunday School 9:30
    Worship 10:30”

    Maybe St. Luke got it wrong when announcing the birth of Christ:
    The heavenly host praised God, saying
    Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace
    Good will toward men (Lk 2:14)

    Not just a sentiment from God to man
    Jesus taught this on the mount:
    Resist not evil, turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile
    Love your enemies (Mt 5:38-44)

    These acts are true Defense as defined from above
    Combined with the strongest offense: that of universal love

    A military organization can defend too.
    Buildup of mutually assured destruction
    Was called détente between superpowers with the most money

    Otherwise there is bullying on a national scale:
    We are bigger than you so don’t try anything funny

    Military operations could be peaceful
    If they do nothing, there is no ill will

    When carrying out their stated purpose they
    Destroy, wound and kill

    If God truly made all of us
    How is our local group better than the rest?

    How did we end up less evil or somehow
    More favored by God than them?

    Maybe this blessing completes the circle of life since
    The Lord giveth and the military taketh away

    God could just as easily bless the poor
    The struggling, the oppressed, the peacemakers (Mt 5:9)
    Those who reach out to help others: teachers, ministers,
    Scientists, artists and poets seeking truth

    Those who have lost loved ones in battles of the past
    Deserve every comfort offered in the present
    But why continue the suffering they have been through
    With a blessing that curses us into the future?

    Saddened, confused and doubtful of my beliefs
    I’m afraid I missed attending the blessing service.
    Local God is not United enough for my needs
    So I wrote these words and end with these:

    United Christ Church
    Should be the crown of the astral light
    Universal, eternal, at one with our maker
    Since the beginning, giver of life, not the taker.

    Atrocities and Cities of Saints
    © r.f.Lee

    Sifting through burnt pages of human history
           Promising, yet sickening, full of inequality
    Millions killed by many a sick ruler’s agenda
           One life saved through love never ending
    When the powerfully wrong get endless control
           A simple man may breathe no more
    We struggled with strength beyond us all to
           Turn the tables back once more
    Top down power can be pure evil
           Fighting back may know no equal
    Let the balancing forever begin
           No more dark side; let light win
    And what is light but life from Above?
           It’s here Below we need more of
    Cities of Saints to multiply goodness
           Defeating those who reign atrocities down on us

    IS/IS Not
    © r.f.Lee

    In the name of your God
    Kills God

    Erasing your name
    From The Book of
    Eternal Life

    Too Much
    © r.f.Lee

    AK47, RPG, SAM.
           Civilians now all unwitting combatants
    Take a stand
           Join one side fight and escalate
    Make more weapons so
           Killing people and destruction is our fate
    Or step out and say not today
           Take away their toys from play
    Stop any way their endless hate
           Make there be a void between states
    Where are all the true sons of Abraham?
           Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, please, I ask them
    Did you want this crap to happen?
           Why has your legacy turned so rotten?
    Be a fighter and kill and die
           Is that the way to ascend to the sky?
    Stop, too much
           Leave me out of this
    I may be alone but will never give in
           By joining armies no one wins

    © r.f.Lee

    I went to the store
    Buying all I could eat
    But soon found I needed some more

    I thought all was well
    In my own little world
    But outside was nothing but hell

    I burned what I had
    To be free from it all
    But still I was empty inside

    I rose to the top of
    The mountain of dreams
    But once there I never could stop

    I need nothing; at least not the best
    My soul cannot rest
    I need more.

    Johnny C
    © r.f.Lee

    Johnny was tragically not too bright.
    He made up for that shortcoming by being mean.

    He loved to play with stuff of carbon
    Bouncing carbon balls day and night
    Strings and things of carbon all four seasons.

    It’s all he ever thought about while he
    Pushed and shoved everyone around to do the same.

    One day Ray came into town;
    Ray was smart enough and more importantly
    He kept his head up ‘cause his interest was the Sun.

    Ray got all he needed from up there and knew full well that
    Everyone else could take it free too without a push from anyone.

    Meanwhile Johnny kept bullying everyone about his carbon
    While Ray and more folks all the time just wouldn’t buy it
    Meanwhile it was making people sick and tired from it.

    Johnny was getting sick too
    Since playing with carbon burned the air
    Making poison that went everywhere.

    Finally Johnny had too much of his own toxic C
    And he died.

    The world rejoiced
    They listened to Ray
    And they gladly turned to the Sun.

    And we all lived much more happily
    Ever after.

    Critique of What We’ve Done
    © r.f.Lee

           Full of noise
           Burned to make products of fire
           Constricting breath of the soul
           Too much combustion
           Too much fire power
           Did we tame fire or become its slave?
           Where is the fire of the soul?
           Unsuitable for baptism or dissolution
           Reverence lost to materialism
           Mined, drilled and consumed
           How we have screwed our mother
    Not the prettiest picture
           But that’s who we are
           Or is it?
           Can we change?
           Will we ever get it?

    Let Us Think About It
    © r.f.Lee

    You ask too many incisive questions
    Their knife edge is divisive among potential answers
           Rather than give a dull but quick response
           Let us get back to you after we think about it
    Faced with so many big decisions
    Weighing each one is a serious business
           Looking in the mirror for direction
           Leads backwards, so let us think about it
    All these issues accumulate like
    Cumulus clouds pregnant with rain
           Avoiding the storm let us seek shelter
           Ahead of the front, while we think about it
    In reality our thoughts are stillborn
    Full of promise but sadly never to breathe again
           In fact we are not really thinking about it
           We just put you off to think about ourselves

    Question Your Freedoms
    © r.f.Lee

    Do you create new ways to speak your mind?
    Express your love or
    Spend your words on thoughts unkind?

    Do you always practice what you preach?
    Preach just to the choir and
    Deny anything beyond your reach?

    Do you hang out with no purpose?
    Seeing same old friends or
    Collectively try to further a good cause?

    Bearing Arms
    Are your weapons for sport or self-protection?-
    Collector’s items would be fine- or
    Your personal arsenal intent on destruction?

    The Press
    (While pressing and printing are getting out of date)
    Do you blog, email, post or tweet
    Thoughtfully or are quick to berate?

    Question Your Freedoms
    They’re free to you
    No cost unless
    You kill them by misusing them.

    Honor – Not Worship
    © r.f.Lee

    Simple. Green. Leaf. So amazing
    How effortlessly sun and air make oxygen we breathe.
    If topped off by a brilliantly colored flower
    How much more marvelous could it be?
           We appreciate but do not share metabolic footsteps
    Flowing webs of tributary streams
    From gentle creeks to raging rivers
    These are living veins of life-giving water
    To whom we thank for most of what we are made of
           We honor but do not mindlessly flow along
    Majestic mountains, backbones of the land
    Alive, but moving so geographically slow
    We barely see the passing of the plates
    Until one above the other suddenly shakes
           We stand in awe until we fall all over you
    Mighty mammals, dominant kings of the land
    You birds of the sky, ever free to fly
    Domestic creatures for whom we deeply care
    Exhibit much in common with lives together we share
           We treasure you but do not bank on you for salvation
    Stars across the endless sky
    Our own dear sun upon whom we daily rely
    For life, and hope, and endless rebirth
    From where we came to where we will return
           We exalt you, yet worship still beyond you
    This page is filled with reverence
    Respect and honor for all these things
    We value, adore and even love
    What is natural approaches supernatural, but
           We alone are the final steps to god


    Knock on your Door
    © r.f.Lee

    One night hearing a knock on your door
    You ignored it
    And it went away

    The next day you heard it again
    Went to the door
    But saw no one there

    Ignoring again the third time
    The door became transparent
    Letting in visitors of light

    You did know them so you
    Turned them away
    Expecting them to get lost in the darkness outside

    In truth they stayed inside
    They are within you now and
    You should listen intently for the next

    Knock on your door.

    © r.f.Lee

    Steam-emitting sweaty summers cause
           Dreams of crisp and cooling breezes
    Endless numbing pale white winters bring
           Hope for anything but what freezes

    Poor times, broke without a dime will make
           Wishes for a chance and then some
    Rich ones still never know a good time
           Convinced the poor have too much income

    If only I were taller, I would be a better man
           If only shorter, I could move quicker and get more done
    If only smarter, could take control
           If only that not this, if only just the other one

    Why is it that the flip side is always better
           No matter where we reside today
    Tomorrow will improve with a change in the weather
           Meanwhile efforts flop to accept the current state

    © r.f.Lee

    It started out so great!
    Everybody was interested in me and couldn’t wait
    Just to pick me up and check out my weight
    Kindergarten was an easy breeze
    Got accepted into every one like a sneeze and
    Excelled like I was just pure style and ease
    Playing was fun, kids were everywhere
    Days grew by without a care just
    Passing tests and growing lots of hair
    But what was up with those Ivy Leagues schools?
    All they sent was a fancy no-thanks that left me drool
    While learning how to feel like a fool
    Anyway a good college was in my sight
    Made the most of it and did it right
    Never mind at the end Uncle Sam wanted me to fight
    And so it went, working, playing, procreating
    Blessed by family, working and giving
    Punched out by layoffs close to senior living
    Lived, learned or burned, the future is still bright
    What I know now has turned out all right
    If only it was all loaded in my very first sight

    Kind of Uncertain
    © r.f.Lee

    Doing the same thing repeatedly
           Expecting a different result:
    No two repetitions being ever
           Exactly the same:
    Random probability rules
           Statistically speaking:

    © r.f.Lee

    Sitting on just a dirt floor
    Too cold
    Too hard

    Eating leaves and nothing more
    Too green
    Craving meaty flesh you know

    Carrying water like a sieve in my hands
    Too inefficient
    Needing some bigger and better cups and pans

    But containers full of drink
    Could have easily filled everything
    Leaving me with nothing to think

    So I raised myself up
    On pillows and some
    Softer stuff

    I expanded my diet
    Beyond leaves and grains and soon was
    Eating everything in sight

    Yes.  We need some stuff
    Just a little,
    Not too much

    The only problem is
    You never know how much stuff
    Is enough

    How Do You Like Your Room?
    © r.f.Lee

    You checked in early since
           You’re not even sure where you’ve been
    But it’s high time for some rest
           And it seemed like a pleasant inn
    And it will soon be much better
           ‘Cause you didn’t get where you are
    From being in a mood to shop all around
           Rather just thank a lonely star
    It’s just a room.
           There’s nothing permanent about it
    So please sit tight and enjoy
           Even if there’s nothing right about it
    Your next place, so you say,
           Will truly be your dream home
    And nothing can get in the way
           Of what shall become your very own
    We are all renters
           No matter what the agents say
    Our most solid, permanent castle
           Is only made of clay
    Princess had expected
           A bed so perfect in every way
    But she couldn’t stand perfection
           When a tiny pea got in her way

    Adapt Richly
    © r.f.Lee

    The key to evolving up the chain is
    Doing something better
           More uniquely than has ever been done before
    Thus establishing yourself with highly selective DNA
    Becoming the survivor over the years

    All this is true in biology
    Where basic forces so designed
           Tell the future how to score the game
    Count the survivors, reward who is left
    Then move ahead

    Otherwise in human domains
    It seems to be a more lopsided enterprise
           Those who have, swim in more and better
    Those who do not, get drowned out.
    Choose your parents’ banks well to adapt

    High on Electrons (Oxidize Me)
    © r.f.Lee

    It seems I have been too preoccupied
    In the universe of electronics
    Sound, light, telecommunications
    Computing for the fun of it

    When one accumulates excess electrons
    We say the condition is called Reduced
    I think I need to stop reducing
    Shed some negatrons and get more positive

    When this little track has run its course
    Please do not send me underground
    Decaying, rotting, feeding worms.
    Light me on fire to Oxidize me again

    An Emcee Square
    © r.f.Lee

    One ounce of anything
           Fully converted to energy
                   Is for one second of time
                           2,500,000,000,000,000 Watts

                           Don’t feel cold and dim
                   Lighten up, brighten up
           Know the power in everything
    If you can only release its potential

    What I Do
    © r.f.Lee

    They wrote of nature
    I see a flowering universe

    They spoke of freedom
    I feel responsibility about to burst

    They battled for riches
    I fight for no more war

    They drill for fossils
    I bask in solar influx

    They rhyme about love
    I love to rhyme about love too

    Whatever is good that has gone before
    I select for what I do

    Thank You


    © r.f.Lee

    What is our purpose? Listen
    To find the true frequencies of our song
    Hidden in the noise that surrounds us all along

    In sight reading any new score we first encounter
    Notes high and low, fast and slow, noting where
    Practice will be needed to sound our best there

    Moments we should soar, elsewhere lay low
    Not to be stuck on the same monotonous drone
    Where to play literally, where to jam freely

    Building on the groove, rising to the top of the tower
    But not to be fooled by faster, louder, and higher
    Knowing when the time is right to bring it down lower

    In that perfectly simple open sentence
    We open up the room for silent meditation
    Accenting well-chosen sounds with spacious punctuation

    Since in the grand scheme, you know, our brainwaves are slow
    In some tenths to tens of cycles per second
    Under the bass line there, and what could be better?

    Knowing we could choose sounds up to ultrasound
    Radio, light, X-rays and even beyond
    We shall prefer to find the true frequencies of our song

    Wherever they may belong

    © r.f.Lee

    Handily spins a shapeless gray body
    Into a tower of artistic beauty
    Glazed with vibrantly colored design
    Fired into solid longevity

    Twirls, leaps and jumps
    Effortlessly becoming an arrow in flight
    Timeless space of the moment is the medium
    Leaving the watcher motionless and breathless

    Weaves her twisted threads
    In and out, over under, through warp and weft
    Capturing our minds in her web
    Twisting us in conflict then triumph

    Earth and Moon in a
    Pas de deux
    Face to face, day to day and month to month
    Annually circling about our Sun
    Repeating each performance with perfection next to none

    Everything spins
    Quarks, electrons, odd numbered nuclei too
    Enabling useful spin resonance imaging of what’s within us
    Not ending there, happening endlessly in
    Planets, stars, and galaxies far beyond us

    So let me now
    Build a tower of dreams with
    The clay I am made of freely
    Reading the map of the heavens I see
    To ride upon the spin all around me

    © r.f.Lee

    We are not all the same! Yet have many common parts in fact
    What’s in common? Nuclei and electron clouds
    What’s different?  Everything else when we react

    Some – an elite few – are truly gold
    Sought after, retained, recycled, revered
    Pure and fine, desired, and expensive

    Next would come silver as found on fingers or wrists
    Platinum and palladium who also compete to be named Precious
    But behind the scenes just as commonly act as catalysts

    Durable ones:  iron, nickel, tungsten
    Shiny ones: chromium, aluminum
    Soft and hyperactive: sodium and the alkali metals

    Mercifully, everyone need not be metallic flavors
    Just mention carbon and life starts designing
    Attractions to oxygen, nitrogen, as polymeric players

    Light and useful: think magnesium alloys in flight
    Great conductors: think pure copper in electrical circuits
    Inert gases: to noble to mix at the royal ball tonight

    Halogens? too aggressive for everyone’s taste to bear
    Transition metals?  Best to keep them moving ahead
    Rare earths? What if they are not really all that rare?

    Truly, we are all distinguished by our differences
    Given our diversity we must react endlessly
    Regardless of any human imposed influences

    We are not all the same! Yet are built with the same relations
    What’s in common? Nuclei and electron clouds
    What’s different?  Everything else in endless combinations

    Pure Light
    © r.f.Lee

    White light
    Light of the maker
    Golden light
    Giver and taker

    Seen through a prism
    Single colors do reveal
    Less than the composite
    With more individual appeal

    How can this be, that
    The sum of parts and parts of the sum
    Add up somehow differently?
    It all depends on the looking one

    Daylight is bright
    But give me a rainbow
    One color at a time
    For me to personally know

    Fingers of Fire
    © r.f.Lee

    From a humble fall
           Some paper, leaves and twigs
    A spark begins it all

    Burning at light speed in cremation
           Growing once more as before to the sky
    Embodying alchemical calcination

    Out of dark ashes cool to sight
           Does the red hot body glow, waving arms,
    Gesturing with nimble fingers so bright

    Were this you or me
           Would we not cry and complain
    At such a stripping of our right to be?

    Fire (I sense) feels no pain
           When completing the endless circle of life from
    Air to Earth and back again

    This is because the tree is superior
           Knowing no disconnect between
    Physical, mental and spiritual:

           Fingers of

    All Renters
    © r.f.Lee

    When you checked in to life
           You were given a brand new location
    To begin all your journeys

           We all rent or lease
    Though we truly own the experience
           Thinking it will last forever

    Bad times can seem like forever
           Good ones end way too soon
    Time is like that

           No permanent addresses here
    We all just check in to the hotel
           Hoping the room will be OK

    All renters.  All tenants.
           All travelers.  All transients
    In search of a better room.

           It’s a place all your own
    Take care and it will last
           But not forever

    Choose your landlord with care.

    How I Feel on the Trail
    © r.f.Lee

    Walking through Appalachian woods
    I hear no conflict or unrest
    Only harmonious rustling of leaves as
    A bird settles into her nest

    Quiet, passive air
    Fills everything in between
    Earth and rocks and sky with
    Room for trees to breathe

    Down below, winding slowly
    Rivers flow in tribute song to the
    Broad Susquehanna
    All of them knowing where they’re going

    Four Elements here are neutral
    Not without intention, force or direction
    But missing all the negativity brought by
    Humans since our first inception

    Pure, yet active
    Primal, and clear of purpose
    Moving in rhythmic natural progression
    Somehow much better off without Us

    Measure of a Man
    © r.f.Lee

    What’s the measure of a man
    Is it being perfect
    Or doing the best he can?

    One man’s dealt a wining hand
    Aces in all four suits
    The world is at his command

    Another born with nothing
    While faulted for wanting more
    Works till he feels he is King

    It may not be perfect or
    What you dreamed but
    It’s what you’ve got, so live with your scheme

    Is it by inches or how many pounds
    Dollars and cents
    Or what’s inside that counts?

    Not well prepared, or helped when it was tough
    Not bothered by opinion
    Never give up to make yourself measure up

    One More Chance
    © r.f.Lee

    Spends last dollar, hollers
           Give me one more chance!

    Strikes out in the bottom of the 9th, signals
           Give me one more chance!

    Barely misses the last turn, falling to 2nd place, roars
           Give me one more chance!

    Nearly creates perfection in her last work, imagines
           Give me one more chance!

    Misses final A by a single point, plans for next test to
           Give me one more chance!

    Launching new life with uncertainties except love, prays
           Give me one more chance!

    Average Joe
    Makes a small mistake so a chargeable offense makes him plead
           Give me one more chance!

    Hopes to embrace all these stories, sensing time may
           Give me one more chance

    Use What You Choose
    © r.f.Lee

    Had I wished to be a Star
    (Not in Hollywood, from light years afar)
    Living my life accordingly
    Where mass predicts how long you’ll stay
    A few billion years would pass until
    I walked down the main sequence and up the hill
    Burning up, meeting my ultimate fate
    Collapsing back into an empty shell (and doing it well)

    Or had I chosen to be a rock
    Cold, hard derivative of a planet’s good stock
    Tossed by pounding oceans, belched from molten iron
    Surrounding me with quakes and falling mountains
    Braking down and building up would rule my sight
    Different rules yes, still hard to learn them right

    More down to Earth, this is my view:
    A carpenter: build straight and true
    A doctor: heal with best knowledge of what you do
    A peasant: no choice but enjoy what life gives you

    Don’t throw it all away like the fools
    Use and use well what you choose

    I Don’t Know / I Do
    © r.f.Lee

    Lost between here and there
    My pendulum life still swings

    Neither here nor there
    Somewhere in between

    Out of the motion grows a
    Passage like a boardwalk over raging seas

    Sidewalks between fire and ice
    Choose one or else make ice water

    Best of all possible worlds
    Lemons to lemonade

    I may not know but out of not knowing
    I do and I know what I do


    No No’s to New
    © r.f.Lee

    What turns us on these days
    Goes back a long long while
    To when we first discovered ourselves
    As distinct from rock and bees and trees

    This awakening must have been most exciting
    To find that beside looking for food or
    Seeking a mate with whom to make good
    We had time while fully awake for just dreaming

    To feel, be it happy or sad or whatever
    To turn off too and not be hyper forever
    Expressing ourselves through words and symbols
    As free to choose as the summer wind blows

    When we felt fire, and passions rose higher
    Knowing of plasma could have intensified desire
    Or feeling the wind blowing, moved by knowing Coriolis
    Understanding the physics only deepens the knowing

    Words are just shortcuts to seeing and believing
    Connected to an internet of things where we’re living
    Always between us, but lately just recognized
    Our electromagnetics are stronger than we’ve been achieving

    Poems arose out of human challenges-
    Overcome it or you will succumb to it!-
    Battling each other in dirt, on oceans and over cliffs
    Meeting death by predictable results of natural forces

    Knowing how flowers grow from photosynthesis:
    No less beautiful than magic it is!
    Eating and breathing:  Metabolize and Respirate
    Creating offspring:  Spiral chains of DNA.

    Our language limits us unless we look ahead to
    Tomorrow where we are offered new expressions:
    Whatever we feel benefits from deeper meaning, so
    Let there be no No’s to New words to use

    © r.f.Lee

    1000 years ago - Four elements


    Now – Standard Model of the Universe - Four forces


    1000 years ago - Three Alchemical principles


    Now – Three basic atomic particles


    What is progress?

    New names for old
    And new understanding
    Until Tomorrow changes names once again

    Enter quarks, leptons, bosons… for another poem

    Turn It Around
    © r.f.Lee

    TV sound and light

           Movies loud and bright

    Everything in sight

           Will require a little more might

    Pushing back to
    Put up a thoughtful fight

           Getting in control
           Making it better, creating what is right

    Turn it around
    Put energy in to achieve new heights

    Merging Traffic
    © r.f.Lee

    From bits of dust
    A man and a woman arose and walked freely
    Populating our Sun’s planet plentifully

    Along the way we found signs of our Maker who
    Any of ye who have ever lived could know:
    Brahma, Gaia, Tao, Isis, Zoroaster, and more

    Moses and Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed
    Gurus and gods not named but nonetheless Named
    Who in principle stand for One and the Same

    As pedestrians divided in today’s fast lane
    Let us divert our vehicles from mindlessly crashing:
    Get over what happened back there and merge ahead

    Water and Blood
    © r.f.Lee

    I’ve sung about rivers and streams
    Sincerely, not just some stuff of dreams and
    Believe that our livelihood is much more than it seems

    When did we invent pollution
    Guessing it was righteous ambition
    Making problems instead of preserving the solution

    Water is in us more than any other thing
    And where does it come from? Must be the surrounding
    Environment where we falsely think we rule as King

    No, in fact, what is around us is within
    We cannot separate the flowing out and in
    What we throw away quickly comes back again

    So take a simple pledge
    To first recognize we’re at the edge
    Clean up the mess before we’ve all gone over the ledge

    Rivers are our veins
    Renewed whenever it rains
    How long it continues to last… on us depends

    New Energy
    © r.f.Lee

    Why do we mine?
    Why do we drill?
    Is it for money
    Or also a thrill?

    Why is raping Earth so
    Profitably cool?
    Not because we’re smart
    Or doing anything new

    Stop. Look around
    There’s a strong solar wind
    Hitting us daily to
    Move ahead from where we’ve been

    Drilling and burning stuff are
    So yesterday
    Radiant energy all around
    Will soon lead the way.

    Free From the Parade
    © r.f.Lee

    Having once risen, now descends the dove
    Merging strife from Below with peace from Above

    Waking up lambs who gather to roam with their flock
    Grazing new lands avoiding danger in the rocks

    There wolves lay waiting for food, hungry, ready for more
    Not hearing the approaching lion’s roar

    Strong is the lion, ruler of lands, respected as king
    Stalking for weak prey and capable of anything

    In slithers the serpent sidewinding left and right
    One way to evil, the other to bright light

    Soaring above all, the eagle brings peace to the dove while
    Lambs slip past the wolf, giving the lion a serpent’s choice

    To make all free from the parade
    At last

    The Will of Iron
    © r.f.Lee

    The King needed a great war of vanity
    To make him famous in history

    The economic lords need perpetual war
    To make perpetual money

    Some believe it is the nature of Iron
    An enemy of life and peace.

    The Iron Age was filled with
    War, death, slavery and poverty

    But swords can be beaten into plowshares
    Bringing us food from the land

    Can we move past the legacy of the Red Planet
    To discover more peaceful spaces beyond the will of Iron?

    How the Motor Works
    © r.f.Lee

    Enough energy
    To burn matter into much more energy

    Enough matter to burn and burn
    For billions of years

    Enough time for us to
    Be part of the grand party where

    Magnetic spirals are dancing
    Catching us up in the Solar Wind

    Where we dance along
    Outside, then inside, ever twirling around

    Up and down, in and out
    In cycles layered in days and years

    Plasma charged particles
    Induct us into the hall of fame

    Charges, fields, powerful winds are ours
    If we can only catch the breeze

    Google Nikolai Kardashev to Start
    © r.f.Lee

    We were ounce cold
    Shivering at night
    Needing some warmth before
           We discovered burning firelight

    From there developing
    More and more concentrated juice
    From Wood to Coal to Oil to Tar
           Ever more destructive to break it loose

    From Mother Earth, who holds it all
    Not complaining but fully seeing
    We are failing to grow up but yet
           From her breast we are still feeding

    But not on a diet of Uranium!
    While surely that’s where we’ve been
    It remains dangerous for millennia, and crude
           Nuclear reactors are but a glorified steam engine

    Meanwhile the solar wind does blow
    Streaming electromagnetics forcefully in our face
    Until we figure that out, and more beyond
           We remain a primitive race.

    Is it Enough?
    © r.f.Lee

    Pinnacles of human achievement have we seen
    Classical works- sculpture, painting
    Music, opera, masterpieces of stage and screen

    Architecture, temples, coliseums, pyramids
    Great Wall, Stonehenge, ancient cities
    Edifices of the written word, creative and scholarly

    Scientific method and tangible results
    Medicine with power to cure diseases
    Maps of the human genome, understanding life within us
    © r.f.Lee
    Railways, vehicles, highways on earth and in air
    Exploration of depths and heights of our planet
    From the moon to probing the solar system and beyond there

    Evolution of governance from slavery to democracies
    Astounding social progress among the people
    Enlightened moments, endearing discoveries

    Is it enough to sweep human civilization as we live
    To the next level in the Universe’s evolution?
    Or will we stay in the dark still as hopelessly primitive?